Facebook Invite All Friends

Facebook Invite All Friends extension will help you invite all friends on Facebook just one click. It’s a simple extension in Chrome but very powerful and useful for your work.

Facebook Invite All Friends
Facebook Invite All Friends

1. Main features of Facebook invite all friends

  • Invite all Facebook friends to like fan pages.
  • Invite all Facebook friends to join events.

2. Why do you need to install this extension ?

  • This extension will help you save a lot of time.
  • No need click click click on checkbox all day. Just on click with this extension.
  • The best way to increase organic like for your Facebook fan page.
  • No need install so many application or tools (maybe it not safe & have malware).

3. How to install Facebook invite all

4. How to invite all friends with this extension.

  • Install utility Facebook Invite All to the browser chrome.
  • Log into your Facebook account to invite friends.
  • Navigate to Facebook fan-page which you want to invite.
  • On fan-page, Click on link “invite friends to like this page”
  • When facebook displayed an invitation box then you click on Facebook Invite All Friens Icon.

5. Video guide to using extension

I wish you save a lot of time while using this extension. If you love it, Please share it with your friends.



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